How to register?

In order to access the Staff Travel website the user has to register using the Registration Form at the below mentioned

url: https://stafftravel.goindigo.in/register.html

How to Login?

Credentials received after the completion of registration process have to be used on the login page of the Staff Travel website that can be accessed using url: http://stafftravel.goindigo.in

What happens in case I forget my password?

“Forgot Password” is a link on the Login page of the Staff Travel website which will open the ‘Reset Password’ page where the user has to enter the Employee ID, Email ID and the Security Code and finally click on the ‘Reset Password’ button. On submission of the Password Reset Form, the user will receive a new password on the official email account.

How to Change Password?

Once logged in to the SLT Portal, go to Account & Settings under your profile. Within account and settings there is an option to Change the Password. To change, type in the “Old Password”, set in a “New Password”, enter “Confirm Password” and click on Change Password. On clicking Change Password, the system sends in an OTP to validate the change. Once the OTP is entered, the Password gets updated.

Is the Travel subject to load?

Yes, the travel is subject to load.

Is the payment done for the staff travel refundable in case of no show or non availability of seats?

Yes, the payment done for the staff travel is refundable. Incase of Credit Card / Debit card / Internet Banking, the money gets automatically transferred to the respective booking form of payment within 7 working days. Incase of cash, payment gets converted into the Credit Shell against the PNR, which can be utilized to make payments for the later bookings. It is valid for 12 months, post which the validity of using the credit shell expires.

What is a credit shell?

When a reservation gets cancelled, the ticket amount (incase the payment is made in cash) is transferred to a credit account under the same PNR. This is a credit shell which can be used within 12 months from the date of cancellation / no-show.

What happens to the money in credit shell once the employee has resigned?

Like for any commercial passenger, the amount in the credit account / shell can be used for the same passenger after authenticating at the call centre. Employee can also opt for refund by calling 24 X 7 contact centre.

How to reschedule or cancel the booked flight?

For any changes, first cancel the existing booking on http://stafftravel.goindigo.in or the SLT mobile app (Andorid/Ios) and make another new booking on staff travel website or the SLT Mobile App. No cancellation fee will be charged and the entire amount can be transferred into a credit shell / card through which the payment was made to be used for future bookings with-in one year.

If you wish to cancel the same, you may do so by cancelling it yourself on the SLT website or the SLT Mobile app.

How to book an infant?

The infant can be added as one of the nominations of an employee. In these cases, the infant can be booked through staff travel itself. However, incase infant is not added as one of the nominations, infant has to be added in the Staff Travel PNR through the call center or at the Airport Ticket Counter. The benefit for lower fares for infants (in comparison to full infant fare applicable to other passengers) shall be extended for the infant of an employee, irrespective of whether an infant is added or not as an SLT nomination.

Do I have to pay for infant? If yes, what are the charges for the same?

The benefit for lower SLT fares for infants of employees (in comparison to full infant fare applicable to other passengers) shall be extended for the infant, irrespective of whether an infant is added or not as an SLT nomination. The charges have been reduced to Rs. 146 per infant per sector for domestic and Rs. 269 per infant per sector for International,

What is the availability status for the Staff travel website?

Staff Travel website is available 24 X 7.

What is the baggage allowance for staff travel?

For Excess baggage, the SLT charge has been reduced to be Rs.50/ Kg for domestic and Rs.100/Kg for international sector, instead of the normal Charge of Rs 250/Kg for Domestic & 525/Kg for International

What has to be done in case of SLT website outage?

In case you encounter any error please try after some time. Incase the website is still not working, please write in to 6epeople@goindigo.in OR IT helpdesk for any technical issue.

Who should be contacted with queries related to nominations?

Queries should be forwarded to 6epeople@goindigo.in with regards to the addition, deletion and modification with the Staff Travel nominations.